Why not Volunteer?

     At this month’s WIN meeting  we hosted three dedicated and impressive speakers. All extraordinary volunteers who incorporate their volunteer activities in their career and personal lives. Michelle Jones, KeyCenter Manager and Assistant Vice President, at Key Bank explained that Key supports all of her personal volunteer efforts, some of them financially. Being well known through her volunteerism also connects to her professional life. People that know her in her volunteer roles can easily inquire about banking questions that would be otherwise less comfortable and more structured. This allows a great opportunity to put the personal touch with her banking interactions.

     Melissa Uber, owner of Quick Solutions, explained how she became introverted for a time after her husband’s passing. When given an opportunity to help the community in a way that would also help her son, it was enough encouragement to put her back into the volunteer pool. Historically, her and her mother contributed extensively to community efforts throughout their careers. Melissa said she gains more that she puts into her volunteerism.

     Roberta Thompson highlighted the many efforts she encompassed as an effective real estate agent, and volunteer for Hospice and Humane Society, The activity in her life is demanding but volunteer activities will reinvigorate her to a level that is energizing and inspiring. Her capacity to help people in hospice, as well as, connect them with animals brighten spirits and improve their outlook. Even when the day becomes sluggish she is reinvigorated from her volunteer visits. She finds more inspiration from the people and animals she serves than what she feels she gives out.

     That is the same for all of our speakers, as well as, other volunteers. Volunteering improves your work environment, helps people feel more accomplished, improves your health, increases your skills and makes you more marketable. That interesting point makes you wonder why only 24.9% of residents in the U.S. volunteer. In New York State the number is lower, 19.2 %, actually ranks number 49 among the fifty states and Washington D.C.  With all those great benefits, why not volunteer?

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