Gentlehearted Reiki

Maggie Foster owner of Gentlehearted ReikiOwner: Maggie Foster
Address: 3694 Route 394, Ashville New York 14710
Tel: 716-969-3902

Business Specifics

Interest and practice of which began in the early 1990’s in Oregon. Today, after 32 years in the retail environment and a recent layoff/retirement. I am beginning to make Reiki my full time career, since it already is a full time practice in my personal life with friends and family.

Personal Biography

My college degree is in Social Sciences. My personal interests are in metaphysical introspection and lifelong learning. I do beading and other crafts. One item I make for sale or gift is a Reiki bracelet. It has helped me to focus my energies and meditate; and now I offer it to others along with the gift of Reiki for relaxation and healing. I am married for 27 years with two cats and two dogs… I call my dogs; The love bandits. They always seek out a lap to snuggle on. My cats are independent spirits, who tease and antagonize the dogs when ever possible.

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